Welcome to the Crystal Heart! We are bringing the magic back to Second Life annually as a fantasy-themed fair. Magical Girls and the Witches who loom in the darkness form the focus of our event, but in the spirit of our magical guardians our doors are open to mermaids, fairies and more!

The Crystal Heart is a passion born from a lifelong influence of mahou shoujo (magical girl anime) that is a tribute to the innocent wonder it instilled in my childhood.  My love stems from anime like Card Captor Sakura and Pretty Cure to Western-themed media like Winx Club, and of course Sailor Moon. That passion has allowed me to bring the Crystal Heart back time and again to celebrate our 6th year! In that time we have worked with over 150 stores, designers, and creative minds who have all collaborated to bring the beauty and charm of this mystical event to life.

Thank you for your endless support since the beginning.